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How to host a static website using AWS S3 Route 53 & CloudFront

a step by step guide into how to host your static https website with S3, Route 53 and CloudFront.

july 17, 2018

Document. document Element - JS

Web performance and query selectors. How to query the DOM with vanilla JS.

july 10, 2018

The best way to learn how to code as a newbie

What I learnt from 4 months at a coding bootcamp.

jan 3, 2018

How to connect to the MOZ API - Explaining Encryption

Using C#

march 12, 2018

How to Run A Ruby File In Terminal | On A Mac

Where is my Ruby file and how have i forgotten how to run a .rb file in terminal already?

jun 14, 2017

A beginners guide to the command line

The five thing I learnt about the command line which i found most useful.

jully 26, 2017

Live Element Lists vs Static Ones - JS

Why document. getElementsBy ClassName is different to document. querySelector (‘.className’).

july 17, 2018